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Rarely is life sexier than the moment when, sitting front row at NYFW, the lights dim, the chatter dies down and the music starts pumping in anticipation of a highly talented designer's newest offering. Shoji did not disappoint with his fall 2013 collection. While the first three looks, admittedly, were a tad confusing and dare we say underwhelming, the show blossomed into a romantic fantasy that could very well be a precursor to major fall trends. A garden flower motif was present throughout, represented in printed, dark, muted hues that ran horizontally across maxi and drop waist skirts.

The female form was demurely on display with expert tailoring, hugging the curve of the hip and waistline just so. If one has been keeping up on the hit BBC show Downton Abbey, it would be difficult not to draw parallels between the the cut of a few of Shoji's gowns and those on the weekly drama, detailing the lives of British aristocrats.

Other notable accents included lace peekabo inserts, long sleeves and the use of plush, soft velvet that allowed for  movement as dramatic as the show's soundtrack.

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