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The Fashion on Papier Newsletter is your key into beauty, fashion and art that our editors highlight to give you a view on recent goings on at Papierdoll. Unlike most fashion e-newletters, this doesn’t clog your e-mail box. It doesn’t come out weekly, monthly or daily. It comes out when we have something interesting to share with you. We maintain you privacy and won’t sell your information to anyone. Want the newsletter? Enter your information below.

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The Season Report

Next report publishing – 3/1/2015

This is a simple succinct report that’s available as a pdf with our unvarnished views on fashion. We do not allow advertisers or sponsors to pay for placements in this report. So, you get the most reliable view on trends without worrying about whether we were paid or influenced to write our reviews. With a minimum of 50 pages on trends, this is a report that you want. Receive a one year subscription (2 seasonal pdfs) for $12.95.