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Sergio Davila Fall 2013

Sergio Davila is so versatile he can create a collection for men and women and have it strikingly similar with the gender caveat obviously in place. This is not always the case with a majority of designers, but Davila managed to pull this off for his Fall 2013 collection. Davila decided to go with a darker more brooding palette for Fall. He mixed sharp cuts with a strong hued colors. You could see a direct correlation (not inspiration) between Hugo Boss of the 1940s and 50s with slim leather jackets, trousers that had very sleek lines and some inventive use of fabric. For the women's line Davila introduced floral print blouses that seemed more a diversion from the melancholy tones that dominated the collection.

This is one of Davila's better collections and the belief here is that the prints will eventually make it further along into his Spring 2014 collection. Though we'd be playing the role of Vegas prognosticator on that charge.

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