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Rebecca Minkoff New York Fashion Week Spring 2016


The youthful Rebecca Minkoff audience is the envy of many a designer. That youthful audience never leaves you (or so you hope) and as they get older they continue on being the audience that has come to look to your new developments every season. For Spring 2016, Minkoff doesn’t abandon her roots as a designer that understands what her fans want. She espouses a love of mod with short hemlines and gladiator shoes and Lucite heels as well as maxi tank dresses. They all came in strong tones of black and ivory and cream. She also had extensive slits in her dresses that were tied in with lace hoops whether functional or purely for aesthetics, it worked to great effect. One would be mistaken to assume that the mod influence was 60s inspired. It may be that that’s the case, but the look is decidedly modern and refreshing especially done with the laced up slit. Just an FYI, that leather jumper is a favorite in the offices here, eliciting a bunch of oohs, when it came up on the big screen.

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