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Rebecca Minkoff managed to incorporate some of the 2010s most recent, and much loved, trends into a collection of looks that had a forward thinking, if not entirely commercially viable, effect. Let's see there were touches of neon in one gorgeous coat that also comes replete with oversized fur collar. There was an adorable cropped, boxy jacket over an asymmetrical-office-ready dress that admittedly could have come from a Target collabo collection -- or Ann Taylor. We enjoyed her take on bomber and motorcycle toppers, which felt fresh and original.

There was a stunning toggle coat done in soft camel leather; a standout high fashion piece mixed in with a less-than-cohesive montage of stripes and knit color-blocking. One coat had us confused with a camo print that can't be ignored (also bearing a fur collar). And a pair of boxy, knee-length leather shorts had us wondering what type of woman would be keen to wear a garment that was neither masculine nor feminine, neither right for cold weather nor flattering with tights underneath. We love Rebecca, she's a true design talent. But there were so many ideas in a relatively short number of looks, that we had a hard time defining or discerning who she's designing for, which makes it difficult to give two Ebert-enthusiastic thumbs up.

Further mention must go to the shoes on her runway. We were pleased to see a pointed-toe and hope it allows women to give up the six-inch Minni Mouse round toe heels adopted by movie stars and celebutantes everywhere, for far too long.

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