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Public School New York Fashion Week Spring 2016


The design duo of Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne have been the talk of New York fashion week for plunging into the deep end of womenswear and performing swimmingly. The Fall 2016 collection was about showing how the mens and womenswear collection could live in the same place, with the same fabric and continue to thrive. In execution they seemed to perform that well. Spring 2016 in our opinion follows the same ethos but there’s still a bit of a split that’s evidenced by the execution. Highlights include a long flowing white suit with a plugin v-neckline, a belted deep blue double breasted trench, a short tennis skirt in deep blue with white lining and undertones, a boxy white red and gray top and a sheer striped dress. The two have essentially created a collection that is sleek, feminine and what seems to be a slow and lingering departure from the staunchly male aesthetic that was seen in the previous collection. It may not have been their intent in previous collections but that definitely seems that direction at this snapshot in time.

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