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Misha Nonoo New York Fashion Week Spring 2016


What, no show? Oh Nonoo!! But wait, Misha Nonoo, may have just figured out what others in fashion are still figuring, social media means that viral collection shows best when you control the initial message. What was the initial message? I am doing it my way. Nonoo showed off this light but nearly gender neutral collection via social media and the word spread on and on. Shot with a bit of a horizontal effect, Nonoo displayed a-line skirts, coveralls and culottes with summer separates. There’s this parochial school pinafore with boxy pleating and sundresses that all felt as if Nonoo was sending a well-crafted message about the direction of Spring 2016. Is it a departure from her previous collections, sure, will it work? The social media darlings are saying she’s already there.

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