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Mara Hoffman New York Fashion Week Spring 2016


If you don’t understand how much of a consummate designer Mara Hoffman is and the versatility she has then you didn’t attend her Swim showing in Miami at the Versace mansion and the two months later see her Spring 2016 collection. The two collections couldn’t be more diametrically opposed. The swim show was sexy, revealing and honestly refreshing compared to others. The Spring 2016 ready to wear Mara Hoffman collection is less sexy and more natural. It is more feminine and softer though there’s been this boyish influence in the past. That is not equating the two as in collusion but complementary. Her blue skies, cloud print suits were a nod to Willie Nelson (playing the background), the shirtdress effort was sexy and the layering provided just enough detail and led to pants that were wide legged and apropos of the entire look. Her Spring 2016 direction is off from her swim collection and that’s what you want to see in a designer, a versatility that speaks to ability and creativity.

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