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LNA Spring 2011 Collection – New York Fashion Week

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This Spring, the California duo LNA offers us a line that is vibrant with an attitude. True to their aesthetics, designers Lauren Alexander and April Leigh gave us 17 looks that exude contemporary youth culture and rock n 'roll. The new collection of LNA was static but attractive. Known for having revamped the common t-shirt making it edgy for men and stylish for women, the duo proved once again their skill and versatility. They did this transforming the simplest parts of a key element of the season. LNA offers a comfortable collection with the basic geometric cuts sculpting the body without giving too much away. For 2011, they offer designer pieces in classic colors black, white and gray, but it is unquestionably the basic melon color that attracts attention. Robes, cotton t-shirt with further cuts in cardigans and crisp candy colors become essential for the moderate rebel. For the casual look of a depraved musical culture, LNA is the brand to have for the summer. Refreshing as a holiday romance that breathes rock, smoking and the I-can-care less attitude.

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photography - Roxanne Doucet

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