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Jill Stuart Fall 2013 Collection


Should you ever doubt the Jill Stuart aesthetic after looking at it from season to season, the Fall 2013 collection should reinforce the idea that Stuart demonstrates mastery of the feminine form. Her fall 2013 collection consisted of Victorian-era styling with a modern twist. The designer utilized all manner of prints in her dresses including floral, geometric stripes and even abstract snowflake-like ones that conveyed just a strong direction of design. The Jill Stuart Fall 2013 collection has no peer when it comes to versatility of construction. One dress has an edgy black and gold styling with gold abstract prints and sheer top the next has a Parson's Tale type of feel with what can best be described as a American pilgrim look. It's akin to going from skin to not.

A lover of fashion will be sure to have a Jill Stuart item in her fall 2013 wardrobe.

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