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According to, the head designer of Edun, Sharon Wauchob,  shunned the use of the word "punk" to describe her collection. She feels it's an adjective that's going to be used way too much this season. Interesting, is there a new version of cool that's about to make its way into our wardrobes? We'll have to wait and see as the shows keep rolling out, in spite of severe weather setbacks.

It's no surprise there was a distinct "rock star" feel to each of the looks, as one of the line's founders is none other than historical rock icon, Bono. We're going to go ahead and shun "punk" too. And we're going to avoid saying rock star more than once. The feeling we got from the catwalk had a post-apocalyptic vibe. Not the kind that's been represented in years past, faux dirt and tattered high fashion. No, this was slightly more subtle. Androgyny ruled in a way that made it seem as if the models lived in a world where men and women fashioned new looks from whatever pieces were available, regardless of gender.

An oversize leather coat here, leather leggings there. Delicate chain and stud detail remind us of wartime musings and commentary. The addition of a plaid patterned garment here and there, as well as "wet" fabric texture are all classic signs of modernity, and anti-fashion (that, yes, from time to time has been described with the "P" word). Irreverent and unique, while we're not sure what life would be like in Wauchob's fall 2013 world, politically or economically, we're pretty damn sure we won't mind donning a few of the looks she suggests we wear.

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