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Custo Barcelona Fall 2013

Custo Dalmau toned it down for Fall 2013. That in and of itself is saying something. Known for his vibrant colors and rejection of establishment, Dalmau continued with the latter and dropped the former. You could still see hints of his leaning on unique color combinations, but this wasn't Custo Barcelona Fall 2012. What Custo wearers will see for Fall 2013 is a darker, richer collection consisting of a mix of furs, complex prints, simple denim and pants with multiple angular prints and designs. It's as if Dalmau is toying with his audience. You know he can create the outlandish, fun completely off the rails collection, but not this time. This time it's sophisticated, it's smart and it's a force to be reckoned with for good or bad. And that's what really gets to the heart of the matter of the collection. Has Custo Barcelona turned a proverbial corner and gone from Euro clubwear to complex sophistication? Custo Dalmau will keep fans guessing but I'd say tune in for Spring 2014 for further judgement.

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