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Ever since this design duo burst on to the fashion scene, they've done no wrong; it's true. They've wowed fashion journalists over and over again with expertly, intensely wearable, feminine pieces. Today they've done no wrong, again. Where some may find a lack of originality, we find an appreciation for consistency. Is this the most exciting show we've seen? No. But let's be real, American sportswear isn't necessarily about in-your-face innovation. There is a refined subtlety that gets our dander up over and over, hence the never-ending success of labels such as Michael Kors, Donna Karen and Calvin Klein.  Down that road C and T (Costello and Tagliapietra) have treaded. And treaded well.

Draping, cut, and waist and lip definition call to mind a ladylike sensibility that's been bubbling up over the surface for the last several seasons. If simplicity is chic and elegant, than we can safely say that C and T delivered a collection that is all three. Fall colors on display in eggplant, rust and earthy hues, dresses that left plenty to the imagination, fitted cardis and a drape that flatters are all we need to enter into their grown-up world. Does it border on Brooklyn's reviled and whispered trend "Granny Chic?" Nah. For now that fashion movement is still too obscure to merit. And Brooklyn girls are still stepping out in skinny jeans, flats and oversize Ts, not stained housecoats with buttons missing and bedroom slippers.

We like what we've seen here today. We're excited to continue to see more. And we bet that when it comes to occasions in which we want to impress, be taken seriously and still come off as feminine, we'll use C and T for inspiration.

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