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Concept Korea Fall 2013

CHOIBOKO by Choi Bo Ko, CRES. E DIM. By Hongbum Kim, KYE by Kathleen Kye, LIE SANG BONG by Lie Sang Bong and SON JUNG WAN by Son Jung Wan if you weren't aware of the names, you will be or at least they will hope that you have them on your radar. While they all showed collections during the same show, the collections couldn't be any more different. An example is the KYE collection by Kathleen Kye. A recent graduate of the illustrious Central St. Martins, Kathleen Kye put together a collection that had oversized everything, with graffiti inspired art throughout the pieces, she used layering throughout to display a youthful urban flare.

Meanwhile designer Son Jung Wan who we've attended the past two seasons at fashion week showed during Concept Korea as well. Her liner notes state that "She draws from Kandinsky’s use of color and geometric shapes, infused with beauty of The Catherine Palace’s elegant, flamboyant colors." The collection didn't devote itself entirely to Fall as there was a lighter silhouette on display that betrayed the traditional fall theme. Wan is clearly the stronger of the designers from this collective and it shows in the way she intricately constructs her dresses.

For more information on Concept Korea, click here.

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