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As a fashion designer, when the CFDA and W Hotels gets behind your collection, they're essentially saying, you've made it, we believe in your vision, now let's get this thing going. This past weekend in Miami, that's exactly what happened when designers cum CFDA fashion incubators, Misha Nonoo, Sara Beltran and

The SFP Lookbook written by Andrea Kiliany Thatcher is a peek into how designers put together their creative visions into something that is shown to the world and later made available for consumption. Replete with large beautiful images of designs, fabric, garment, sketches you'd taken behind the scenes and are

You are walking down a busy street, it’s a beautiful day and the city is full of hustle and bustle.  You are in a metropolitan city, it’s big and notably fashion forward. It might be Toronto, Montreal, New York City, London or Paris. It’s a weekday so everyone is dressed

  Tell us about your involvements with the Life Ball in Vienna, what makes this event so special? LB is 20yrs of raising awareness and funds for all sexual diversity. Celebrating creativity  sex and responsibility. And in a very dynamic way making an effort to shift the affect of HIV worldwide. In

Photographers with one name are becoming as common as any other but when you hear the name Tomas, you may think, why not insert an H and go full bore with Thomas? But Tomas is his own man and does what he wants, how he wants and in a manner

Some think that modeling is a flighty lightweight profession done by those who can amble their way through life not eating anything and primping for the camera. Those who would think along those lines miss the hours of preparation

Recently, I had a chance to chat online with an amazing designer who is doing more than just creating fashion- she's making a change. Melanie Brandon, designer of the Melanie Von Alexandria collection is making great strides in her hometown