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Photographer: Anne-Marie Michel Fashion Editor: Jodie Spragg Makeup/hair stylist: Sophie Moore using Bobbi Brown Model: Julia Nevs at Leni's Models Fall doesn't mean drab colors that portend a melancholy mood leading into a dark winter. It can be expressive. It can mean beauty. It can have a vibrancy of color that goes beyond

Lookbooks are a dime a dozen. This is especially the case with the advent of Fall collections. Youngmi Ha's Hanah Fall 2015 collection is all about working with geometric shapes to achieve an aesthetic that's many notches below vamp and more reflective of the modern woman. Subdued patterns in monochrome

Is it an inaugural trade expo filled with marketing-speak and seminars, or a display of all things art and fashion in the world or maybe a bit of both? Here's some of the exhibitions from around the world. Now, you decide. Visit the site here. SlideShowPro({ attributes: { id: "album-473", width: 700, height: 400 }, mobile: { auto:

New York & Company Staged a runway show to display the company's upcoming Eva Mendes collection. The showcase had a model DJ, the city streets as he runway, juxtaposed with models in retro 20s inspired fashions and an attentive audience the in form NYC citizenry. Here it is in pictures. Photography courtesy of

Uma Kangai is a designer you will want to know both in the coming seasons and years. Her works were set to be published in Papierdoll nearly a year ago, but too much happened to explain. What matters is that she is here now and her collection of feminine, nearly

Photographer Jarka Hmcarkova has an eye for making the ordinary extraordinary. Take this typical line sheet for example: Long sleve black t-shirt: H&M Black body: H&M White sweater: Zara Throusers: Lindex Boots: River Island Hmcarkova turned the run of the mill fashion into a lounge around - yet ready for departure photographic look. As a result,

Photographs by Phil Crozier, Photophilcro http://www.photophilcro.com/ Fashion Direction: Kat Marks www.katmarks.com Make Up: Rene Menendez http://www.renefrancisco.com Art Direction and Post-Production : Patrick Luu http://patrickluu.com/ Starring: Everline Aboka, Artist Within, http://www.everlineaboka.com/ Very rarely does a fashion photography team generate a general rush of excitement at the prospect of new work. Kat Marks

We fancy ourselves as a fashion photography purist website interspersed with news every now and again. So when a new photographer catches our attention we shower endless praise.