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“If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful.” --Sophia Loren They say 40 is the new 30. My knees say otherwise. Somehow, they’re sagging. And somehow this distresses me more than the usual “tells.”  Crows feet? A small price to pay for all I’ve seen.   Smile lines? Please. But must my knees look

Shu Uemura doesn't play around. The artistry of this Picasso of makeup has women both fawning over the collection and also wondering how to put it on. This is a good thing. Uemura's collection for the fall, as with all the season's collection will have you scratching your

Boys, let’s all be a little open-minded here with what you're about to read. Women have long sang the praises of finding a cosmetic gem in your medicine cabinet. Be it your favorite moisturizer, shaver, or hair crème, the female species has benefited immensely from "male only"

Believing makeup company's promises is akin to believing that a politician will do exactly as he/she says when running for election. The key is to read between the lines.