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This Season there is an incredibly high number of retrospective exhibitions, anniversaries and book launches celebrating careers and talent in fashion. As you saw I went to the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition celebrating 20 years, Cavalli is celebrating his 40th year in the industry in practically every city. (If you

Our sister international site featured a YSL ad from 2003 and so to Cam-Ling I wanted to send a special my favorite message to you. Of all the YSL stuff ads this one with Gemma Ward has to be a personal favorite. One can only imagine the amount of

The Toronto Star has an article today on Yves Saint Laurent entitled The Henry Ford of Fashion. While this was not to intimate that Laurent made a one size fits all approach to fashion, it does look at how Laurent's DNA is now in the garment of almost every high

In this rare footage of Yves Saint Laurent, we are reminded of his greatness. A man given the reigns to one of the most prestigious houses in the world, at just 16. A man who not only changed the way we dressed, but changed the way we interpreted fashion. In