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One of the things that makes fashion so intriguing season after season is its relativity, its subjectivity.  One can ponder endlessly over universal "rules" of what makes a garment special because there is always an element of opinion involved.  Our opinions are an amalgamation of what we read, what our political and

So effing what. There's no denying that Papierblog is in the tank for Barack Obama. We've featured several of his wife's fashion selections for the past couple of months and at this point it's a foregone conclusion that we're all about getting this country back on the right track. So it's

Some here at Papierdoll (who will go unnamed) just can't understand the allure of Tory Burch to the fashion public at large. Not that our understanding as a body is a prerequisite for her success (as illustrated by her recent CFDA win), but it would be nice to understand where