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Before excess, pomp, circumstance et al hit Paris for the grandaddy of all fashion weeks something different took place yesterday. The ethical fashion world went on display with the largest assortment of eco-designers and sustainable fashion under one roof. This smattering of top fashion designers with Mother Earth in mind

The stores are known all over London and now they have a place in the world of eco-sustainable fashion. According to the Daily Mail, Oxfam is opening a new store with a focus on fair trade clothing, sustainable fashion and designers one would normally find in high-end boutiques. Some of

Ultra's April photo editorial is breathtaking. For those living under a rock Ultrapdx, is what Vogue would be like if it were cool and had some sort of Portland edition. This month they havde a photo editorial entitled Out East shot by photographer Kevin Focht. A good smattering of

With Earth week, the advent of everything green it's good to know that Edun picked up the torch way earlier and the mission statement/mantra is environmentally aware fashion. The great thing with this mantra and execution is that environmentally aware need not mean boring. The above photo is from the