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I never knew that Jessica Simpson created comfortable shoes, apparently she does.Norwegian street fashion site Oslostil featured this woman in early June and I wanted to revisit because of the veritable kaleidoscope of fashion she brings with what she wears. She starts out with a Norwegian accessories designer, moves on

There are reasons why I love reading Oslostil. This street pic is one of them: You glean so many ideas. A good example are the sandals and the leggings. Simply marvelous. Summer's not over yet, pulling this out from the bag of tricks seem wholly appropo. Here's what the wearer (Mariann)

I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald the jibes with what has recently been seen in photoshoots and retail runway shows. The bow tie as an accessory for women's fashion is making some sort of raging comeback. While the trends are simply too difficult to be ignored, this