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In the we didn't see this coming department. Everyone is reporting on the apparent demise of off-price mall shop Steve and Barry's. The company has been around since 1985 and for the most part things have gone swimmingly. They even started featuring low priced celebrity branded items. Most recently they

They just won't let this thing die. Never let it be said that Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't know how to milk the very milk from a project. She's milking the milk folks. This conclusion is arrived at by looking at her most recent collection for her Bitten line at

Although this is an international item and to be sure iPapier would have covered this, there's no mistaking how deliciously fun, cute and censored this news item is. Two towns in Israel are refusing to have Sex and the City advertisements placed on billboards anywhere in the vicinity of the

It happens very rarely, but it does happen. London will get a movie before it premieres in the States. That happened last night at the Sex and the City premiere in London. The stars were out on the Red Carpet and the cast of the movie was there in full

No there is no real Sex and the City Watch going on, but there might as well be all things considered. This movie is getting more buzz than The Devil Wears Prada. It's not hard to see why as every sort of minutiae is being thrown in from what the