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It may be early yet, as 2009 is barely half over, but as we experience the Couture 09 shows I can't help but wonder how this decade of fashion will come to be described.  When I was a young miss in the nineties what people wore seemed so "normal" (i.e.

Every now and again I like to peruse some of my favorite mags to see exactly what the heck is going on. This time I took a gander in Nylon's February 2008 issue (blogging affords not a lot of time to stay too current on the print front) and I

Papierdoll Recommends: Another designer that you'll need to make some sort of commitment to for the Spring is Rick Owens. While it won't be completely necessary to go overboard his light, feminine silhouette is begging for attention. Last Spring he managed to inject all manner of fur into the collection.