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Phoebe Philo created a collection for Céline that was arguably more wearable than most designers during Paris fashion week. This was no small feat considering the complexity of some of the pieces that comprised the collection. She played with geometric shapes and the feminine form creating a silhouette that was

Imagine silk layers and tulle mixed with a vibrant mashing of colors, dresses and coats that give a visage of fur only much lighter and with a flow all its own. Would that interest you? If you said yes, then you're officially a fan of Martine Sitbon's experiment via Rue

Anne Valérie Hash works as if she were a fashion scientist. Constantly experimenting with color, structure and flow, Hash's collections have evolved going back from 2005 and continuing on today. This season, Anne Valérie Hash worked a collection on the Paris runway that seemed to echo colors from a high

Before excess, pomp, circumstance et al hit Paris for the grandaddy of all fashion weeks something different took place yesterday. The ethical fashion world went on display with the largest assortment of eco-designers and sustainable fashion under one roof. This smattering of top fashion designers with Mother Earth in mind

Gareth Pugh, man of many hats and even many more designs has decided to take his show on the road and show in Paris as opposed to London for next season's fashion week. When asked why, he replied that he simply couldn't find a good croissant in London. We joke.