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I received the Malandrino lookbook for resort styles sometime in July and I understand why the designer is so dynamic in the construction of evening dresses and gowns to an extent. But what's really getting me ginned up is the rumblings of another incredible fashion week showing on the order

We just uploaded the complete review for the Hernan Lander collection. This show happened outside of Lincoln center on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel. While directly across the street from Lincoln center, it still had the feeling of being an edgy, off site collection thought with all the trimmings

Roxanne Doucet just published her review of the Daniel Vosovic. The former Project Runway finalist apparently had a strong showing as positive reviews are coming from many writers including Roxanne's Triptyqu3.com (french), New York Magazine and Papierdoll. If this is any indication, it looks like Vosovic has a strong future.