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Got this press release yesterday and had to mention it. A new French fashion boutique opened online. No, the folks at Colette.fr won't have to worry about their jobs anytime soon. The new site, Bibaloo.com focuses on French fashions for the younger set. That's right, you read correctly, now the

The Toronto Star has an article today on Yves Saint Laurent entitled The Henry Ford of Fashion. While this was not to intimate that Laurent made a one size fits all approach to fashion, it does look at how Laurent's DNA is now in the garment of almost every high

At this point, Vietnam is looking about as communist as Vichy France. The once repressed society is in the midst of an economic, cultural and artistic resurgence. Leading that charge is perhaps the fashion and arts community in this once poverty stricken country. An exhibit at L'Espace in Hannoi looks

Locher's Spring collection is gracing the presence of magazines and e-mail boxes everywhere. What you really have to love is the different names of the items in their fashion collection. A personal favorite is this cotton embroidered top called Petite Salope. If anyone asks you what the shirt is