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The Details are scant, but the rumor mill is a buzz with stories that Topshop will be opening a store in Brooklyn next year.  Some speculate that it will be located in the Fort Greene neighborhood.  And in consideration of the business deal she just inked with Sir Phillip Greene

Lady Ga, may I call you that?  When you first came on to the scene you were different, your own self made ingenue.  No one could tell you how to behave, you weren't Britney, or Jessica, you were talented.  You played intstruments and could sing beautifully, at least marginally better than

Emma Watson has her very own article and slide show on style.com touting her as a beauty icon.  Everyone from popsugar to perez is tipping their hat off to her "impeccable style".    And I can't help thinking, pshaw you're all just impressed because you expected to see Hermione Granger on the red carpet, Emma could

What a supreme idea. Take some of the top fashion djs (yes they exist), put them together in a room take top designers in London and have a 3 day show. Then, to add to the hoopla, make it live on your website. That's ShowStudio.com premise for Fashion DJs live.

The aristocratic soul of Wimbledon makes fashion statements ever the norm, but moreso the case this year apparently. Everyone from Nadal to Serena to Federer walked a court that seemed more runway inspired than tennis inspired. Oh sure, they could play tennis in what they were wearing, but the multiple

Oslostil is addictive. You have to keep clicking and you just can't stop. Veronica is a recent photography subject of the Oslostil photographers. She says: I bought my sweater in Sweden, the scarf is from Vietnam and I got both of my tops from a friend. My skirt is from