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"Special Prices for Creative Living" is how the Spanish retailer Mango is describing its new selection of low priced items. I'm starting to like the way various industries are reacting to the recession, first Chase and Bank of America are going to reduce overdraft fees, and now Mango is reducing its

If you ever wonder why there's a pecking order in fashion and you're trying to figure out the differences in tiers of designers, check out a simple photo from Diane von Furstenbegr's fashion week. She's what we'd call a first tier designer. photography Kevin Kane

If you are a rich WASP (yes, you too Oprah), you're going to want to hear this because it is time to change out of your Hermes and Valentino uniforms and quickly spend .0000001% of your fortune on Bottega Veneta. New York-based Luxury Institute’s 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI)

Papierdoll Recommends: W29 Showroom is known as the house of some of the top international designers. Based out of New York, they represent some of our favorites including Carin Rodebjer and Staerk.They are having a sample sale where you will receive up to 50% off samples from their showroom. Interested? Here

The Toronto Star has an article today on Yves Saint Laurent entitled The Henry Ford of Fashion. While this was not to intimate that Laurent made a one size fits all approach to fashion, it does look at how Laurent's DNA is now in the garment of almost every high