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Oh I would carry out all types of threats to wear this number from Oscar De La Renta. Anna Hathaway, watch your back!! But seriously, she looked rather stunning in this ensemble from De La Renta with accompanying bag by troubled designer Jimmy Choo. Vogue super photographer Mario Testino shot

"Special Prices for Creative Living" is how the Spanish retailer Mango is describing its new selection of low priced items. I'm starting to like the way various industries are reacting to the recession, first Chase and Bank of America are going to reduce overdraft fees, and now Mango is reducing its

Flip open the pages of any fashion magazine and you were likely to see the latest creation from Calvin Klein. The party in New York during fashion week was tight (or so I hear from those who attended), and now the Fall collection graces the racks of stores. It's not

Peter Som's quick appearance at Bill Blass made me take note at what could have been for season's to come from the famous design house. Som made Blass something it never could claim to be: mysterious. That level of intrigue makes me hope for a Blass comeback soon. See below:

Papierdoll Recommends: The fashions Gods should bless Nordstrom in every possible way. Nordstrom, sent bloggers like those at Papierdoll an info packet on the new styles of UGGs coming out for the upcoming fall season. They did this so that we can bring the information directly to you. UGGs are somewhat controversial.