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[click images for full gallery] After numerous SS11 shows at New York fashion week that were a sea of white, Diane von Furstenburg wowed us with her bold colors and prints for next season. A mix of rich hues like purple and rust, along with the classic preppy color combination of

If you ever wonder why there's a pecking order in fashion and you're trying to figure out the differences in tiers of designers, check out a simple photo from Diane von Furstenbegr's fashion week. She's what we'd call a first tier designer. photography Kevin Kane

Some are openly asking why did Francisco Costa win the CFDA award for Best Womenswear Designer this year. It's a fair question to ask out in the open (but don't let too many hear you). Costa forms a symbiotic relationship with the female form and answers the question, how do

The recent DVF online ads look like so much fun! Yay! Look at us, we're jumping in heels. We're wearing Diane and we're awesome. Don't you wish you were us? Don't you wish you could fit into these clothes? Don't you wish you could afford these clothes? Deep down inside