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I have to tell you, that deep inside I have some sort of wanton lust for Karl Lagerfeld. The man is a raving genius. Though Manolo makes fun of him from time to time, he has got what it takes to always surprise. I use his interview with the New

Papierdoll Recommends: Those of us who can, do. So when I was forwarded this information on Portero.com's Chanel Luxury auction I thought of fellow Papierblog readers who wanted to raise their virtual paddles and bid online. It is for a good cause: owning a Chanel bag once in your life. The

Papierdoll Recommends (with some trepidation): The majority of folks at Papierdoll hate wearing logos or anything of that nature on our sleeves, our feet are a completely different matter. These calfskin and wood platform sandals with the large Chanel signature are effing beautiful. It makes you forget that some sort of