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As its Valentines weekend I thought I'd write a bit about lovely things. The Burberry Prorsum SS11 show produced a long list of coveted items for me as they sashayed down the mirrored runway last September. The metallic shades, pops of neon and studded skins had everyone in

It's no secret that some here have a Burberry fetish. It's a fetish slash obsession. The fetish ranges from the various trenches that some of us love to wear, to the constant accessories that show up around this time of fall. This time though there are actual pieces from the

So there are two Burberry posts today and the explanation will come later in this one. Traveling over to the new Burberry site (they switch it up every couple of months or so) you'll find this video on the front page featuring none other than mega model Agyness Deyn. She