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If we had a feature called picture of the day, this would be the picture of the day for Monday. It comes to use from the Times UK and is simply way too beautiful for just a meandering glance. The main thrust is the huge rope chain pearls. You know

Papierdoll Recommends: If Marc Jacobs' intention is re-purposing West Side Story in these kitten heels, his job is more than accomplished. While everyone is going for the uncomfortably high skyscraper heels that take about a month to break in (ask Mrs. Paltrow-Martin), Jacobs has decidedly gone in a different direction for

The Times Online today looks at what is becoming a troubling fashion trend (at least to me). There seems to be this growing need to make male fashions feminine. Coming straight from the runways of Milan and into the stores sometime this fall are wedges

Some here at Papierdoll (who will go unnamed) just can't understand the allure of Tory Burch to the fashion public at large. Not that our understanding as a body is a prerequisite for her success (as illustrated by her recent CFDA win), but it would be nice to understand where

Cool disguise ad campaign notwithstanding, Karen Walker's sunglasses are famous for ranging from the understated (admittedly very few fall into this category), to the outlandish (the bulk can apply here). The great thing though is that you will never be at a loss for a pair of sunglasses that will