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Damn Serena…Damn



Upon seeing this image, my partner in crime, Sam, crossed his legs. But he might as well crawl up into a fetal position because Serena’s pose for New York Magazine’s fashion issue is pretty compelling both from an athletic perspective as well as in highlighting her collection. She dishes on what life might be like after Tennis (keep in mind she’s a couple of championships away from being the most decorated female tennis player in existence – some say she’s already there).

Further in NYMag’s issue is a Fall fashion preview, a look at the 7 stages of womanhood (a pictorial/drawing fest remiscescent of HintMag’s earlier flash-based vignettes) a look at retail powerhouse Net-A-Porter among so many other items. NYMag’s Fall Fashion issue is becoming a must read at every subsequent release. View the Serena article here.

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