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I'll cut to the chase and answer the post's question. Yes. But that comes with a caveat. The caveat is that Apple isn't really placing the value on the watch, you are. If no one goes and buys it, it will be landfill material. But that's not the case. We value the

Some women wear the dress and for others, the dress wears them. Khloe Kardashian wore this creation from Theia at the Golden Globes last night and wore it well. The designer's collection has proven to be appreciative on a range of types. Here's the dress on a Theia model.

Vogue's December issue has a great feature with Bradley Cooper on the Elephant Man Broadway production. Annie Leibovitz shot the feature and it is indeed beautiful with all of her signature touches (usage of contrasting color , depth and the richness of palette). In the feature, Cooper details his conversion