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Just wanted to make our editor in chief cringe just a little bit today with the announcement of Baltimore fashion week in the news. Obviously she missed the boat 4 years ago when she came to New York because the fashion scene in Baltimore obviously was just coming of age.

My best friend tells me I have lashes like a giraffe, and even with back handed compliments like this, my search for the ultimate mascara continues on. I circle Sephora on a weekly basis looking for the newest lash enhancing mascara there is. My find this week was

With there being so much competition to find good information first, it is no wonder that the fashion news bible Woman's Wear Daily had to step up their web game. The recent re-launch of the website is making news and making it easier for viewers and subscribers to get

Purple is huge for fall, and The Shoe Goddess has found an amazing pair of purple Dior pumps for you! The Fashionable Housewife doesn't want you to forget to bring Fashionable Swimsuits On Your Summer Vacation! The Beauty Stop explains how to deal with acne in your thirties. Sxy Fashion Queen reveals one

You've been at the weddings where you take off your heels and start getting the dancing going. It's not because you can't dance with shoes on, it's because by hour 2 the heels start getting way beyond uncomfortable. Mary Norton, according to Stylephile, has come up with the answer to

Stiletto Jungle is loving the new Lesa Wallace "Kaila" handbag. Last Call: Don't forget to signup for the fabulous Thomas Wylde Handbag Giveaway (a $2,350 value), brought to you by Bag Bliss & The Bag Forum! Fresh from Milan: Bottega Beauties at Bag Snob! Get Bronzed and Gorgeous from Beauty Snob! Paint makes a

I saw this walking to the office yesterday. I thought that the ship had sailed and waiting almost four years to the date of the last episode wouldn't interest anyone. But after seeing the trailer and this exciting movie poster I got the same chills I use to

The bloggers are reveling in their picks this week and we're all over what they love and hate. Take a look: Go girly-girl with the official 27 Dresses jewelry collection - Stiletto Jungle. Bag Bliss introduces the latest electric green fluffy Alpaca Lamb Clutch by Christian Louboutin Bag Bliss introduces the latest electric