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There's something to be said about having one of the world's most recognizable pop stars wearing your bikini. That something may be akin to you've arrived. Prepare for the mad dash rush at the bikini stores. But those in the know have been fans of Lychee Swimwear for awhile, RiRi

Oleema and Kalani Miller's Mikoh Swim collection is one of the more popular collections being shown at Miami Swim. The highly feminine and strong look not only encompasses bikinis and coverups but a beautiful white halter suit displayed during their 2015 runway. We're talking resort wear that European designers envy

The celebs are out wearing the swim outfits that are not a dime a dozen. Jessica Lowndes at Cannes wearing Gypsea: Kylie Jenner in selfie mode wearing Issa De' Mar Swim Not celebrity, but models in the uber fashionable Lolli Swim collection: Speaking of, what's happening with Miami Swim, is it off, on,off

I'll cut to the chase and answer the post's question. Yes. But that comes with a caveat. The caveat is that Apple isn't really placing the value on the watch, you are. If no one goes and buys it, it will be landfill material. But that's not the case. We value the