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When it comes to politics and ideology it doesn't get any more liberal than Papierblog. We can afford to be this way as we're fashion nuts and we let it be known that that is the case. So when some mouth breathing conservative calls us bleeding heart liberals in disgust,

Stylista When Project Runway burst on the scene it essentially made the highly unimportant seem so much so by parading women, a gay man and one lone straight guy around in a sort of Canterbury Tales-like atmosphere. The characters went from place to place designing, creating, snarking, bitching and doing a combination of all 4 in unison, sometimes to the detriment of those who took "this thing of ours" seriously. As the show progressed each season, things got more and more absurd, but still there was a need to watch even with all of the copycats and also-rans. There have been many some shows, I can't even remember but in no particular order there was Tommy Hilfiger's show, America's Next Top Model, the laundry list of shows on Bravo and now Stylista. Stylista is supposed to be a battle for the next Junior Editor of Elle magazine. Apparently Elle was left out of the running for the most recent edition of Project Runway and the decision makers at the magazine felt they needed their own show. I haven't watched it yet, but I am going to make a single point on why this show may prove to be the "jump the shark" moment for reality fashion tv shows. Here you have several contestants (because that's essentially what they are) vying for top spot as a JUNIOR FASHION EDITOR. I put that in all caps because last I remembered, junior fashion editors do a whole lot of squat. Associate editors and assistant editors have a whole lot more to do than a junior editor. While that may not be the case at all magazines it certainly is the case for a good handful of the majors that I've seen over the years. So why am I invested in seeing someone succeed to be a glorified intern with a $28,000 salary? There's a better way in looking at a the comings and goings of editors at a magazine and it's called WWD. David Hinckley of the New York Daily News gave it 3 stars too many out of 5 stars. His take is that the nuts and bolts of the show is less important than the character that Mr. or Ms. Junior editor will be working for, Anne Slowey.

The love of a good interview never ends when it comes to good fashion interviews. One of the best most recently is the New Yorker interview with Karl Lagerfeld. While Leanne of Project Runway is no Karl Lagerfeld, her interview with Stylehive is a good read overall. There's more interesting

The talk of the New York mediascape is Madonna's Glock 9mm heels (or was that a Desert Eagle?), it could be a .22. Whatever the gun model is, Madonna's Chanel pistol heels were what the fashion slobs and mouth breathers call super chic and that's fine for them, for myself

Imagine getting on the train in New York city and having some woman roll out her yoga mat and use the car you're in as her own personal yoga center. That's part of some of the fashion posts this week on blogs around the web. Take a look at all

To use hip-hop vernacular, Zufi Alexander is "the truth". Word. Her collection of bags will make women scream in delight like little school girls and there's no reason not to. Alexander's collection has been a staple for high end fashion lovers in Asia for quite some time. Her collection has

I've received about 4 e-mails about 365. 365 is a new Ready to Wear line. This thing is so mysterious and tightly wrapped that when asked direct questions, the PR people say "all will be revealed at the event tonight". I haven't been this stoked since the return of Heroes,