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Plenty of great fashion posts this week on the web from a roster of a-list fashion bloggers. 55 Secret Street looks at high heel protection from an interesting product. Pear shaped women get some love from the Stiletto Jungle. BagSnob gets an exclusive from Pierre Hardy (you can read below

Tom Ford must have struck a deal with the devil because everything he touches turns to gold. He worked at Hardwick and it was successful, he worked at Perry Ellis and it went well. The stint at Gucci went too well. All this augurs badly for Ford's newest venture. The

Loyalty is something few have in the fashion industry. Few except supermodel, fashion queen, cancer curer, water walker, sexiest woman alive, Agyness Deyn can stake their claim to being loyal. This none more so the case than today when Hint's blog announced to the waiting world that Agyness actually left

Several good posts on the fashion web this week. Of particular note is the Fall hair trend guide from Second City Style. Lauren Dimet Waters focuses on the different accessories, styles and looks for the season. If you're looking for what to do with your hair this season, this guide

I have to tell you, that deep inside I have some sort of wanton lust for Karl Lagerfeld. The man is a raving genius. Though Manolo makes fun of him from time to time, he has got what it takes to always surprise. I use his interview with the New

There's one thing anyone can walk away from thinking when reading Sarah Palin's list of stores that totaled $150,000, she wasn't shopping for one. That's the subject I want to bring up because hey, she's down in the polls and she doesn't have to give the clothes back. She gets