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Alexander Wang New York Fashion Week Spring 2016


There is a decidedly athletic look to Alexander Wang’s Spring 2016 collection and its definitely with purpose. The striped trousers in grey and black is a fashion lover’s dream due to its versatility.The striped jacket with same colors paired with belted shorts and a crop shirt is serious and New York urban chic as well. This is no Balenciaga folks, this is the eponymous brand that attaches no theme, no overarching statement, just Alexander Wang as he is. Another highlight was a white side slit dress with multi-fringed layering and netted bra underneath. All of these pieces were paired with variations of designer athletic footwear or sandals that espoused an ease uncommon in these high end forays. It could be that Wang’s direction post-Balenciaga is to just be free and in doing so, he’s being himself. 10 years later, keeping the party going is a powerfully sexy collection.

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