Papierdoll Digital Fashion Magazine

About Papierdoll

Papierdoll was started as a project in 2004 via an idea by our late founder, Michelle Maria Bell. She had a vision of creating an online fashion destination where creatives could express themselves in their own way. With minimal advertising and outside influence, Papierdoll flourished. It has evolved into fashion partnerships, sites and apps with over 30 creatives in various functions (writers, photographers, poets, artists, designers) contributing as they see fit. 

Papierdoll's focus is fashion in all its forms and tries to remain true to Michelle's vision to this very day. Although Michelle passed away in 2016, her home for creatives continues to exist. She's greatly missed and we hope that Papierdoll continues to serve her vision.  Her original partner and creative counterparts continue what she helped start.

Michelle Bell and Friends