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February 2013

Jenny Packham's fall 2013 show was inspired by intellectual discourse in the sophisticated Paris salons of the 17th century. Or so says the PR info in the folder gently laid on my seat before the show. Packham delivered sophistication, undoubtedly.

Dennis Basso has officially been in the business only slightly longer than I've been alive, indicated by the homage to him and his 30th anniversary in WWD. As much as I love fashion, I have to admit, I haven't been following

In an earlier fall 2013 review I mentioned that American Sportswear isn't always about innovation, that we enjoy a reverence for classicism and simplicity. I stand by the statement, but feel the need to expand upon it after seeing Joanna Mastroianni's

Upon walking into the box presentation for Rafel Cennamo's Couture fall 2013 collection, I met with an absolutely stunning gold duchess print cocktail dress over a beaded legging that felt edgy and classically chic at the same time. A look