Written By , on July 30, 2008

Being named to Vanity Fair’s best dressed list won’t get you a grand money award or some sort of trip around the world, but it will get you recognized in the socialite world. This is especially the case if you’re a socialite. Vanity Fair’s choice this year was not a socialite in the hollywood sense of the term, but more fit the bill from Washington DC perspective. Michelle Obama, possible future first lady and the presumed democratic nominee for president’s wife has received the distinct honor of being named Graydon Carter’s muse, or Vanity Fair’s best dressed. She may have fought through a cavalcade of hollywood beauties, leading men and power brokers, but Obama came out on top. Michelle Obama has received never ending praise regarding a purple dress she wore during a rally for her husband’s campaign, as well as her ability to encourage retail sales simply by wearing a black and white dress.

What’s next for Michelle Obama, could it be a fashion layout in Vogue? Could it possibly be a new clothing line? Anything is possible. One thing is for certain: Michelle Obama’s rise in politics and in fashion may be a sign of good tidings for her husband’s political ambitions.

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Written By , on June 23, 2008

The press has fawned over Michelle Obama’s sense of style for a long time, but now the public is getting in on the action. Her purple dress was the talk of bloggers everywhere and now the new dress of the moment is the White House/Black Market dress originally designed by Donna Ricco. She wore the $148 dress on the ABC TV show, The View and was immediately praised by her co-hosts, but a miraculous thing happened, the dresses started selling very quickly. This thing was almost Oprah-esque in nature. Many retailers are saying that Mrs. Obama’s halo effect is pronounced, it happened with the purple sheath dress and is happening now with the White House/Black Market dress. The White House/Black Market started flying off the shelves and some locations were even sold out. Rumblings abound that Michelle Obama and Jackie O. now have something in common.

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