Interview with Danilo Dixon at LifeBall

Written By , on August 13, 2012


Tell us about your involvements with the Life Ball in Vienna, what makes this event so special?

LB is 20yrs of raising awareness and funds for all sexual diversity. Celebrating creativity  sex and responsibility. And in a very dynamic way making an effort to shift the affect of HIV worldwide. In this event I head up the hair for the retrospective fashion extravaganza.

What was your favorite Life Ball moment?

All 20 have been stellar in their  own way. That said, the first was amazing!

You have created some of the most iconic hairstyles of recent times, which creations are you most proud of?

I love challenge and collaboration. And the subliminal  effect beauty has on the overall many collaborations have been amazing. How about mars attack with Tim Burton?

Where do you find your inspiration?

Information is gathered and with the needs and desires info, I create a story and image through hair that best creates the goddess image of the moment.

What did you want to be growing up? Was there a eureka moment for hairstyling?

I was quite artistic and very fundamental. A bit of an intelligent  innate approach to creativity. Organic meets surreal. That said, I was fascinated with architecture and  the psychic soul. Always looking to trust and follow inspirations or as I like to call them church!

What are the stand out hair trends for next season?

Trends are ever changing. I’ve heard a lot of the Rooney Mara affect, chopped bangs  deeper color. Sleek and with clarity. Streamlined underneath any trend I feel is the ever present trend of healthy hair that is able to accomplish all styles.

What essentials do you always keep in your styling kit?

I love stylers, volumizers. Leave in conditioners. Styling creams.  And  some fierce hairspray. A mixed bristle brush and  a rat  tail comb.  A couple hair pins and we are in business.


What excites you about the fashion and beauty world at the moment?

I love to play with others and I enjoy diversity.

Any advice for aspiring hair stylists?

Practice and listen to your inner thoughts. Respect and acquire additional exposure knowledge and training and practice. Get your own thing going. Find your passion and deeply develop your talents

Worst hair disaster? (either on yourself or on someone else)

Long story short her hair broke off and she became a huge supermodel with her new signature hair. It completely evolved her career. From pretty to  SUPER!


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