Interview with Tomas

Written By , on July 1, 2011

Photographers with one name are becoming as common as any other but when you hear the name Tomas, you may think, why not insert an H and go full bore with Thomas? But Tomas is his own man and does what he wants, how he wants and in a manner unlike any other fashion photographer. His photo stories elicit more than emotion, it frames art. One would think he walks on water, but he’s like any other artist looking to reach a level. I had a chance to e-mail him a series of back and forth questions and I almost ended saying, yeah, but I want to know more. Tomas pointed me to the photos and it made me realize to find out about him I didn’t need the interview. I just needed the photos. View one of his selected shoots entitled, The Visitors.

What are you doing right now?
I am prepping a beauty editorial for German based Qvest Magazine

What does fashion photography need now more than ever?
I think it needs fashion magazines that play it less safe. There are too many magazines that are chained to whatever their advertisers appreciate.

What is beauty to you?
Beauty originates in the heart and emanates outwardly. If someone has a beautiful soul, this will reflect in their eyes and how they see the world.

What celebrity would you never shoot..and why?
I love photography too much to discriminate because of a social status.

What would you like to try your hand at that you haven’t?
Learn how to sail.

What is your best personality trait?
open minded

What is your worst?
open minded

Having a choice of anywhere, where would you like your work to be featured?
There are a number of magazines that I really admire. Some for their creative content and some others for the exposure they bring.

How would you describe your current work? And your work 5 years ago?
I think I am at a point where I am able to visualize the shoot before it is happening. That allows me to improvise more but still if necessary stick to the original plan. 5 years ago my shoots resembled more a “search and rescue mission” were eventually it all came together.

Why photography?
I think I simply just like to create.

What is a trademark of your photography?
Edgy, vibrant, and dramatic yet subtle.

Does the phrase “picture taker” annoy you?
I am not so concerned what somebody would call it as in the end the pictures will speak for-itself.

When are you certain you have what you want out of a photo?
I believe it’s purely intuition like the whole process of taking pictures has something magical.

There’s been talk in the past about digital versus film on which side of the war do you fall?
I believe both obviously have their advantages and it depends what the outcome is expected to be. Personally I prefer digital as I like instant gratification and clients have no time to wait for a film to be developed.

What’s your next project?
see above

When do you stop shooting and hang up your camera for good?
Well the reason I got into it was purely passion so I guess the way out of it would result in me having lost the passion for what I do.


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