Fashion’s latest trend: male models sporting womenswear on the runway

Written By , on February 24, 2011

Anthony Jones – Celebrity News Service Reporter

Los Angeles, CA, United States (CNS) – Fashion is all about trends and this year, we’re seeing a very new one on the runway. Models have gone from thick to thin and back again, but now we’re seeing a new trend amongst them: male models in female couture.

There’s a new model stunning onlookers on the runway and its 19-year-old Andrej Pejic. He sported a wedding dress for Jean Paul Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week that might look familiar. Rihanna wore it to the Grammy Awards this year.

But let’s not do a “Who Wore It Best?” or else Rihanna might lose, as the Serbian-born model looked like quite the striking bride. Since that runway show, Pejic has since booked plenty more gigs and caused a bit of a stir in the industry.

But Pejic says he’s comfortable doing both. “Although womenswear is more glamorous,” he told the Telegraph. “The clothes are more exciting. In menswear I have to work more at having a masculine presence.”

And he’s not the only one. Givenchy’s current muse is Lea T, a 28-year-old transgender model who’s the star of the label’s current campaign. Born Leandro Cerezo, Lea is currently undergoing hormone therapy before a full-on sex change operation.

It’s not the first time the fashion world has into gender bending. Runways have seen plenty of androgynous female models and even drag queens sporting designers’ latest.

But the new transgender trend is even trickling down into other art forms. For Britney Spears’ new music video for “Hold It Against Me,” the model used to match her toned frame in her dueling Britneys fight scene was reportedly none other than a male model. That brings a whole new meaning to “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”

And it looks like this is something we could be seeing plenty more of, maybe even in the pages of Playboy if Pejic gets his way. He says that’s his dream. “I would love to do Playboy with [famed photographer] Terry Richardson,” he said. “I love Playboy and Terry would be the person to do it.”

We might be a little farther from that kind of widespread adoption, but at least in the fashion world, they’re definitely in.

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