Charlie le Mindu Spring 2011

Written By , on September 20, 2010

Charlie Le Mindu’s Spring 2011 collection is a playful collection of all things fierce. Never one to shy from controversy le Mindu put on a show in London that was less jarring and more playful. Harkening to more an art deco look (think Miami Vice), le Mindu played with fur and leopard/cheetah print on his row of bikinis, but also went a couple of steps further creating accessories like headpiece that looked more like an artful sushi creation than a brim. Charlie le Mindu’s collection had strengths in form but intentional weaknesses in function (only the daring would figure out wearing a satin dress with a fur blouse in Spring weather, though I’ve never experienced a full London Spring so I may not be the one to talk).

Taken for what it is (more art than anything else) Le Mindu’s collection was delightful to watch though many will find it challenging to wear.


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  1. 01. Elizabeth Hartman

    Has Charlie just redefined fashion for us or just used a clever way of selling something- ie the female form au naturel…?

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