Jose Duran’s Fall Promises

Written By , on September 7, 2010

Jose Duran exploded on the scene a couple of years back with a fresh outlook on fashion. His objective seemed simple enough, appreciate form and accentuate it. This imperative translated into several collections that ran the gamut from daring to audacious. Duran took his fall 2010 collection in an entirely different direction. Melding themes from the 80s and what could only be described as blade runner futuristic, Duran’s collection is decidedly juxtaposed between darker and more playful. This feat is nearly impossible to pull off until you witness the subtle detail in every sheer/see-through dress (and it’s important to understand nearly every dress is like that in the collection). While nothing is left to the imagination in the collection, there is an element of fantasy at work.

As evidenced by the above video published several months ago, Jose Duran understands shape and function. Created by the team of Director, Daniel Garcia and Stylist, René Garza. Duran’s fall 2010 collection is not sugary sweet or for the bubblegum crown fawning over reds, maroons and cadmium yellows. This is a noire collection meant to shock and to displace normal conventions of American fashion. When the fall 2010 collection debuted some stated the commercial viability of a sheer mockneck dress. The point may have been lost that while a designer’s success is predicated on how many pieces he or she sells it’s certainly not the only barometer. The question of who will buy the asymmetrical satin dress is irrelevant in so far as the fashion for the dress needs to be adopted by those with discerning tastes.

Jose Duran again looks to strike with his Spring 2011 collection for both mens and womens. He’s a designer to watch for the Spring 2011 season.

Director – Daniel Garcia ; Stylist – René Garza ; DP – Ruben O’Malley ; EP – Steve Choo Choreography – Elena Vazintaris ; Models – Indiamara @ IMG models & Megan Black @ Basic models ; Make-up – Agata Smentek, Hair – Marco Guglielmino ; Music – The Editors – In This Light & On This Evening


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