Wondergirls Circa 2008

Written By , on June 24, 2010

The K-pop group Wondergirls have had an infatuation with all things retro since their debut many moons ago. It’s no wonder then in 2008 the group did their best to emulate all things 60s with the mod dresses reminiscent of the Avengers and bob hair dos. The prints on the dresses for the campaign hearken back to a time when fashion simply wanted kaleidescope effects on their minis, wanted as much leg as possible and wanted curves. Fast forward 40 years and many elements remain though the changes are obvious. While legs are definitely a wanted feature, the glam is gone or at least has transformed into a pouty seriousness. At the time of this campaign, the Wondergirls were launching their Peripera beauty line. Consisting primarily of lower priced makeup and skewing towards the younger set, the Peripera line caught on with the Wondergirl audience but the retro look was toned down. Creating a wishlist of all things 60s fashion specifically from the Wondergirls campaign, it would be pretty straightforward: halterneck dresses, opaque orange, yellow, red and black stockings (not all in the same stocking mind you) and bright slingbacks.

It’s a dream to want these things to return sometime during the fall 2010 season, but looking back as recent as 2008 gives hope that the cyclical nature of fashion will reincarnate the 60s somehow, someway.


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