Wild Thing

Written By , on November 5, 2009

It’s all about adding texture to your look this fall and winter. Lucky for us, this means also keeping nice and cozy. A golden rule when it comes to experimenting with texture is to keep colors clean and fairly neutral. Also understand that not all textures mix well. It’s best to stick to smooth fabrics and one or two shots of texture versus mixing leather, a chunky knit, suede and faux fur all in one look. Go with your gut and when in doubt, remove one item. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what these recession-friendly pieces can do for a wardrobe of staple items.


Go Victorian with this ruched velvet bolero. The perfect way to amp up a boring long sleeved T-shirt and jeans combo, this bolero can also top a strapless cocktail dress or asymmetrical number, meaning you get maximum mileage out of this special piece. Available in burgundy and rich blue, this is the perfect match-up for grey and black.


Show some subtle shine in this matte sequin vest. Sequins can be tricky to wear, especially if you’re headed to more conservative venues. Matte sequins create a wearable look that can be tossed on over a V-neck and skinnies for partying with friends or over a long sleeved dress and heels for a fun spin on office party-appropriate attire.


Who doesn’t love a shag? This darling shaggy vest will add new life to your closet with it’s chunky weave and refreshing blush-taupe color. While you might be tempted to toss it over a tee and go, try it over a cami and thin cardigan for a layered look that doesn’t add bulk to your frame.


If you did lace leggings the first time around, you might be weary of this trend. Don’t worry. This time we’re going simple with a plain cocktail dress or mini and letting lace be the focal point of the look. No pearls, heavy makeup or cone-shaped bras in sight. Use these lace leggings to refresh your favorite little dresses (black or bold), but stay away from mixing them with prints. You could end up giving someone vertigo.


A little black clutch can get boring, but when done in ruffles, it’s a whole new ball game. Sleek and feminine, this black ruffled clutch works as a day bag or cocktail clutch and is roomy enough for your cell, lipstick, cash and cards.


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